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because people thought back home if you are here in abroad easy to make dollars, this is my daily routine working to elderly people even you are nurse as well walang pinag kaiba what I did! Ang pinag kaiba Lang sa aming Dalawa she got degree , while me wala😏😏😏 she make good money but my deductible tax while me cash on hand..good benefits though if you pay tax because if you get sick or got stroke you could collect cpp -d it stand here Canada pension plan disability .. But if you don't contribute when you get sick your a pissed of shit no one will give you not government.. You will be decline.. A big example to Pilipino he has stroke sad to say he was been decline for all the benefits because he get paid cash.. I feel so sorry for him sayang Ang monthly dollars 😞😞😞 now we go back what is like working abroad especially my job working to elderly.. Because employer trusted you , you will be the one to run the household .. Before I start my routine selfie first to make my day happy in somehow even job so irritated and not happy one.. Especially your alaga make a big poo right on the bed.. I start yelling F word .. And I said to my stupid self why I take selfie first.. If I take my patient first in the washroom this accident should not happen on the bed..I start blaming my patient you should call me..whine in somehow and my lady started swearing your a fucking bitch! Because it dollar I don't care what she said..so I damp all the bedsheets full of poo in the machine.. I run it 100 times and all of a sudden it stopped maybe because too much spin .. I spin many times..so because I am the one who run the condominium I call the repair man, the repair man cannot fix so I call my boss that machine was stop all of a sudden.. Because she is so wealthy she is not upset she just simply said don't worry about it .. I will get a new one haha😚😚😚 I felt guilty in somehow because it was brand new now it break because of my stupidity .. Lucky enough my boss never notice even she is a good observant.. So my routine to my alaga every morning throw all urinary container , change them, feed them breakfast give them pills, check there blood sugar level, inject insulin, and bring them outside so they have fresh air.. Para Bahia matanda mabawasan kahit papaano..Kaya dollar here not easy kahit Omo ulan ice kailangan mo pa rin magtrabaho because bills is always there..I am just so lucky enough I could make good money even I don't have degree of professionalism, through my hard work and dedication I put into it.. If no trust you are garbage here.. Because employer always Check reference from previous employers. 20 years I am here they still check how.crazy is that.. Need to start my day now. Baka tuma-e naman sA bed mapatay kona.. Better stop writing dialog for. Now later again more pics coming up
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Rasulullah SAW said, "An intelligent person is one who is constantly thinking about and preparing for death."
Think about it. How does one prepare for death?
1) By seeking knowledge of Islam. So study about Allah, his Prophet, good deeds and evil deeds. But knowledge itself is useless without...
2) Practising it. Perform good deeds, small or big, and avoid all evil deeds. But all performance is useless unless you are...
3) Sincere (Ikhlas). To do lillahi ta'ala. But you will never achieve sincerity, as long as you do not have…
4) True Faith (Iman). You must truly believe in Allah, truly be in awe of Allah, truly depend and ask only from Allah, truly hope from Allah, truly fear Allah, truly put your trust in Allah. But such faith does not come from reading books or talking about Islam or listening to fiery speeches about Islam; it comes from...
5) Striving hard in Allah's path (Jihad). This does not mean going around trying to convert the world to Islam; it does not mean waving a sword at the disbelievers showing them the 'terror' that Islam can inflict. It means fighting hard to cleanse the evil in yourselves – the jealousy, greed, stinginess, arrogance, pride, laziness, hatred, lack of faith, stupidity, blindness of the heart, backbiting and all the terrible sins that we do day after day, year after year, until death comes a calling. That is jihad. As you can see, this is a full time job that will take all your life to complete. But you will never start to strive for all of this, until you begin to...
6) Realise... Realise that you will die soon. Realise that you will be shown all your deeds (good and bad) on Judgement Day. Realise that Allah watches you all your life, and that no deed escapes His repayment. Realise that money, and fame and property cannot buy your way out of Hell. Realise that only iman and good deeds can. Realise that you live only once. Realise that you are responsible for yourself. Realise that in the end, you are the one who will gain or lose. So many people have realised, and have studied Islam, and yet have gone astray - becoming terrorists, extremists, and fundamentalists. Why?
They have forgotten the most important thing in Islam. Which is that...?
7) Islam is about YOURSELF. Correcting YOURSELF. Cleansing YOURSELF. Not about fighting with people or proving other people wrong. In the grave, you will be asked about YOURSELF. What YOU did. What YOU said. What was YOUR intention? Then Allah will tell YOU, what YOUR final destination is. "And do not be as those who forget Allah, then Allah lets them forget about themselves...."Al-Quran.
Have you thought of yourself lately? For every man who forgets about himself lands in Hell. Ponder...and practice.
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Forget about surrender. Just know that there is one power which is in control of everything.
Seasons are not in your control, the earth is moving around the sun it’s not in your control, all the planets are moving in their orbits, they are not in your control. Every element in this planet has its own laws and they function with their own laws, they are not in your control.
So there is a natural, law, there is a power which is in total control of everything. And it gives some control to you, you can do certain things. It’s like the pilot of the plane is controlling the plane, but inside the plane you can get up and use the washroom and come back, sit or stand, a little freedom is there for you too. In the same way we have our responsibility, we will do that to our optimum. We take responsibility, we do what we need to do. Knowing well that the plane is being piloted by a good pilot. Surrender is not an act. Actually the word surrender has lost all its meaning Just be aware that there is a bigger mind, bigger Self, bigger intelligence which is at work.
Ques: How can I have faith in God that He’ll take me out of this maya, especially because He is the one who created the maya?
One who has created it only can take you out of it! Time to time observe three things inside of you. Your desires, they come one after another. One gets fulfilled, another comes. And some desires don’t get fulfilled, still more desires come. Let them come, don’t fight with them, just observe, desires are coming, ok.
And then your likes and dislikes, your intellect, your judgment, that arises, recognize them.
And then there is, me, me, me, I am happy, I am unhappy, I am miserable, I am too good, I am not so good, all that me, to which you attach many other adjectives, that me is there.
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Peru has a diverse landscape with 1500 miles of beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline, the magnificent Andes mountain chain, and the Inca Trail leading to the citadel of Machu Picchu in the Cuzco cloud forest. Visitors to this beautiful country can experience culinary delights not found anywhere else in the world. Historic site take you back to the time if the Incas and the Spanish conquest. Bring your camera, extra batteries, and plenty of memory discs because you will be surrounded by photographic opportunities.

The Peruvian Cuisine
The people of Peru love to eat, and you will discover many regions are known for their own special dishes.
Lomo Saltado - This is a very popular dish made with strips of steak the chef sautés in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, onions chilies, and tomatoes, The meat mixture is then placed on a bed of lettuce and served with chips (French fries). 
Ceviche - This favorite Peruvian food contains chunks of raw white fish that have been marinated in lemon and lime juice, onions, and chilies. It may be served with corn or boiled sweet potatoes. *Tip: You should have a best food vacuum sealer 
to keep food fresh for a longer time
Cuy - If your children have ever had a pet guinea pig, you will probably want to skip this dish. Whenever you see the word "cuy" on the menu, you can be sure the meal contains guinea pig. Many Peruvians raise the little animals in their homes, and they are an important part of the country's food supply. 
Pisco - This grape brandy is the favorite Peruvian alcoholic beverage. Pisco is usually served in a cocktail with other ingredients. The favorite beer with locals is Cusqueña.

Place to go and see and sea
Machu Picchou - The most famous attraction to see is Machu Picchou, the beautiful Inca city never found by the invading Spaniards. Today this amazing historic site is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Go early in the morning on the first bus (7 a.m.) to get photographs minus the hundreds of tourists. You can hire a guide at the entrance to give you the grand tour and history facts.

Mancora - If you love surfing, Mancora is on the north coast and considered the trendiest beach in Peru and a favorite of surfers.

Nazca Desert and Nazca Lines - This is an amazing series of immense line drawings created between 200 BC and 700 AD. Located between Nazca and Palpa on the north coast, the huge drawings are of monkeys, fish, llamas, lizards, monkeys, and humans. The observation tower along the Pan-American Highway provides visitors with a view of three of the figures. The best way to see and photograph the lines is in one of the Cessna tours, which can be booked at any hotel.

The Sacred Valley - This historic area is full of ancient villages and history. It is not far from Machi Picchu and was once considered the heartland of the Inca Empire. It was the primary area for maize (corn) production. Archaeology lovers won't want to miss the Sacred Valley.

Peru is a beautiful land where the past and present come together in a visual paradise. It's a trip you will never forget.

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